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3-D Artist & Art Director

I have been and Art Director/Visual Designer for online and mobile game experiences for the past 5+ years. Before that, 

I worked as a 3-D artist specializing in modeling and texture painting for characters, props, and clothing. I've worked on some exciting and challenging projects over the years, which have pushed me to learn new technology as well as explore a multitude of different artistic techniques to achieve the right look for each project.  I love working with a team to solve problems by thinking outside the box.  When you combine people with artistic talent and technical knowledge and give them a common goal, it is amazing what new ideas and solutions they create.  Being part of this process is one of the main things I love about what I do. 

Please click the tabs above to explore my work.  My most recent work in Art Direction is not posted here, due to its pending release. 

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Bridget Konopka